Premium American Brand. Premium Jerky.


Premium American Brand. Premium Jerky.


Black powder beef jerky

That Appalachian Trail can be long if you are traveling without a beef snack that can sustain you with protein and a keen spice.  Black Powder is the original black pepper and sea salt with just enough spice to be a mild everyday jerky on any trail.

spicy revenge bacon jerky

This bacon starts spicy with chile flavors that follows about 20 seconds later with a unique flavor of Sriracha that we call revenge!  This award winning flavor is our most popular jerky and you will see why when you bite into real bacon strips.  


sweet whiskey beef jerky

Hatfield and McCoy were known for bootlegging and their fine whiskey combined with beef jerky has made for a perfect match.  Starts sweet and the flavors of the whiskey remain for a delightful finish.  Marinated for 24 hours, Sweet Whiskey Beef is our most unique flavor profile.

breakfast maple bacon jerky

This is how Hatfield and McCoy probably started their day: real strips of bacon combined with maple to sweeten the salty taste of the bacon and included it with eggs.  Not only is it a breakfast item, this bacon jerky suited for your day at any time.